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Brian Ellingwood

Founder, Ellingwood Advisory

Brian first exercised his creative chops at GQ Magazine, crafting digital strategy across’s luxury brand and lifestyle portfolio. 

His flair for conceptual marketing campaigns caught the attention of the fashion and performance industries, and he quickly established himself as a branding powerhouse. Launching Kit and Ace’s rapid retail expansion in the United States, spearheading marketing and communications for The Woolmark Company, and launching successful media campaigns with the likes of Thom Browne, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Raf Simons, APL, and Tracksmith. 

Always one step ahead of his contemporaries, Brian has spent the past four years with a keen focus on sustainability and circularity. This includes his recent work building the brand identity for the world’s first carbon-negative fashion brand, Covalent, as well as fiber advocacy for Merino wool in the natural fiber space. 

Ellingwood Advisory marks the debut of his eponymous agency, offering a curated compilation of bespoke services for businesses looking to carve memorable and meaningful brand identities in a saturated landscape.

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