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Build Your Brand Legacy

Designing End-to-End Marketing and E-Commerce Strategies For Your Brand

Ellingwood Advisory elevates brands by cutting through the white noise and sharpening marketing and data strategies across the board. 

Our omnichannel approach–backed by a decade of working alongside high-caliber fashion, sports, and sustainable tech companies–helps brands conquer their e-commerce and marketing goals. 

Let’s connect over a complimentary consultation, and make your business more valuable.


We help you build a sustainable brand legacy that’s worth talking about. 


We Believe In



We thrive on forging community ties across our extensive network and love spotlighting other experts we've crossed paths with.


Our human-centric process blends omnichannel strategy with cultural connections, so more people can interact with your message.



We’re relentless in our mission to build a cohesive ecosystem, whereby every touchpoint optimizes your brand narrative.

Benefit from our expert insights on how to utilize channels and tools to boost your positioning. 




Reap the rewards after we’ve laid down the groundwork. Let our 10+ years experience with A/B testing and other conversion hacks set you on the right path for long-term growth.

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